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Anyone in the market for a rowing machine may be interested in taking a closer look at the selection available from York. They have several models of rower available including the popular 2 in 1 cycle / rower which serves the purpose of both an upright stationary bike, and a scientifically designed rowing machine. York is probably better known in the United Kingdom than the United States, but it is quite popular everywhere the name is known.

A York rowing machine provides user customization through the uses of adjustable resistance controls. All models have at least 8 distinct settings, and many models have even more. The onboard computer features a easy to read LCD display, and a generous amount of session information to help the serious enthusiast get the most from their workout programs. For the novice and the experienced athlete alike, York rowing machines offer a lot of value for a reasonable price.

The York R510 multi use rower features hydraulic resistance, and 12 user selectable resistance levels. As well as regular rowing exercises, the R510 is also designed to be used effectively for a focused upper body workout, including bicep curls, shoulder shrugs, and upright rows that give the chest and abdominal muscles the most effective workout.

The York R700 uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance to provide the most realistic and beneficial feel to the rowing process. It has a number of features to make it appealing to a wide range of users, including a large padded seat, adjustable handle heights, and heavy duty pivoting foot plates which include Velcro straps to keep the user's feet securely in place.

The York 2 in 1 Cycle/Rower may be the most unique rowing machine on the market. It can be converted from a cycle to a rowing machine in 5 simple steps, and that means the user is able to effectively combine workouts to get the most benefit. Cycling helps build leg muscles faster, while the rowing machine puts more focus on the upper body.

The choice of a York fitness rowing machine is the favorite choice for a home exercise machine for thousands of people. They combine the technology of a measured workout with the functionality of world class exercise equipment, offering an invigorating exercise program to novices just starting out or professionals sticking to a rigorous training program. A York rowing machine is built to give best results to the widest range of users, and consumer reviews seem to indicate that the company is doing a respectable job of it.

York Rowing Machines

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