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York Platinum R700 Rowing Machine

The York R700 rowing machine, also called the York Platinum, is a leading no-frills fitness machine, using a hybrid system of air and magnetic resistance. It is constructed with top quality wood, metal and plastic, and is designed to take years of use without a mechanical failure. For mom, dad, or the whole family, a York Platinum provides a top-rated cardiovascular workout, and does so in a price range that won't break the piggy bank.

From the 'ground' up, the York Platinum R700 uses top quality materials and design ingenuity, such as the heavy duty pivoting foot plates with their adjustable Velcro straps, or the user friendly handle grips which can be adjusted to suit a variety of heights and preferences. It even has a large padded seat, and that means longer, more comfortable workouts without becoming uncomfortable, which in turn mean more benefit from every workout.

The York R700 rower is intended for use by people weighing up to 250 pounds, and is suitable for heights up to six feet six inches. It has a unique compact design, with a retracting seat that saves space and makes storage easy. And if something should go wrong, which isn't likely, there is a full 2 year parts and labor warranty for your convenience.

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York rowing machines use magnetic resistance, and that translates into an infinite range of resistance, tailored automatically to fit the needs and rowing habits of every user. Simply select one of 8 primary resistances levels, and then has a seat, and the resistance will be fine tuned as you row, using what is commonly called a proportionate resistance system. For the rest of us, this simply means that we can expect a smoother workout, and won't have to worry about 'over-rowing' where the flywheel 'loses' pace as it spins to catch up.

Magnetic and air rowing machine hybrids are the most popular forms of rowing machine. Air not only provides resistance, but offers a sense of realism through air vents that channel a breeze matching the exertion of the workout, and magnetic resistance handle the primary resistance levels, and then manages the whole system to ensure smooth rowing behavior.

And while it does seem that there is a lot built into a York Platinum R700 rowing machine, the price is comparable to models that contain far less appeal or performance quality. Just you would expect from a trusted name like York, every fits snugly in place, and works fluidly together, and even the user feels like a part of the overall experience, working with a machine instead of tiring oneself working against it.

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