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York MagAir 3000 Rowing Machine

One of the most popular hybrid rowing machines is the York 3000, also known as the York Fitness MagAir 3000. It uses a combination of air resistance and magnetic resistance to give the user an extremely smooth and fulfilling workout. Read through this article, and you will understand why this model of mechanical rower stands out in the crowd, and how it can help even a complete newbie get an excellent cardiovascular workout.

York rowing machines come with a large LCD display that shows various aspects of the user's workout session, including session length, calories burned, strokes made, and more. It features 8 magnetic resistance settings which, when combined with the air resistance, forms an almost infinite set of resistance levels for every skill level. Since the display allows users to track their progress, it helps them see where improvement is required, or when to step up to the next highest resistance level.

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These York Fitness rowing machines are specifically designed for the home user. They are built with a retractable and can be easily stored into a compact space. And to be compatible for the whole family it can even be adjust to fit a wide variety of user sizes and heights, ranging from four and half feet to over six feet tall, and weighing in at as much as 250 pounds. Built with many of the features of the York 5000, the MagAir 3000 is engineered to be affordable for even limited home budgets, because fitness should not depend on the user having a lot of money to spend.

Fitness rowers are a favorite type of fitness machine, used by professional athletes who want to stick to a rigid training program and novice users who are just trying to lose a few pounds, or tighten up their abdomen. Their easy use and dependable results make them popular with amateur fitness experts, and they are often recommended for their benefits in some types of physical therapy. Even Personal Trainers use York rowers to increase the benefits to their clients.

A magnetic and air resistance rower combines the power of electromagnetic resistance with traditional air resistance, giving every workout a unique and invigorating feel. The York Fitness MagAir 3000 rower is engineered to be ultra smooth and quiet, using a 14.4 pound flywheel, and a strain reducing ergonomic design that is often spoken of as the best rowing machine innovation in years.

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