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York 2 in 1 Bike Rower

To really get the most out of a daily workout pattern, a fitness machine such as the York bike rower might be something worth considering. It performs the tasks of two different fitness machines, an exercise bike, and a rowing machine. And it takes both to new levels through the use of a design that is at once easy to use and compact enough to fit into even a small apartment.

At only a little over 100 pounds, the York 2-in-1 is light enough to moved about, but heavy enough to provide a stable and effective workout, even at high speeds and aggressive use levels. It is designed expressly for the home user who wants to get the most benefit from the smallest amount of space, and who insists on products which are affordably priced.

The York 2 in 1 cycle rower easily converts from a fitness bike to a rower in 5 simple steps. The rower mode gives you a complete upper body workout, and converting to a fitness bike allows you to get the same professional workout for your lower body as well. And as the user's skill level increases, there are 8 selectable magnetic resistance levels to keep the workout fresh and beneficial for even the most seasoned of users.

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The design of the 2-in-1 rower/bike is simple and appealing, with a single handle grip system, and easy to read LCD display. The large, softly padded seat means that the user can enjoy longer, more comfortable workouts, and that leads to being better fit and increasing muscle tone.

The onboard computer of the York 2 in 1 exercise bike/rower includes multiple functions, including standard session data such as heart rate (measured using hand pulse sensors in cycle mode), distance traveled, time elapsed, and much more. Which function are available are determined by the mode the machine is in, cycle or rower.

It is difficult to get the same kind of workout with any other single fitness machine. But the York 2 in 1 rowing machine is not really a single machine, but two different products packaged handily together into one package. The comfortable over sized seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, allowing the widest range of user comfort available, and making it suitable for anyone between 4 feet 6 inches and 6 feet 6 inches tall.

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