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Schwinn Windrigger Rowing Machine

The Windrigger rowing machine is the Schwinn company's entry into the rowing machine market. It features a recumbent seat for maximum comfort, and has a number of features built in that could only come from such a trusted name in personal fitness equipment. It is beyond the scope of this article to list all of the many features of a Schwinn Windrigger rowing machine but we will attempt to give you an idea of some of the more popular aspects.

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As you might have suspected from the name, the Windrigger is an air rower, meaning that it derives the resistance through an air driven mechanism that offers smooth compression even during intense workouts. The mechanism uses patented Fanwheel technology which increases resistance and provides cooling airflow as the user's pace increases. Only a company with a long history in personal fitness equipment could design such an affordable and fully functional rowing machine.

Other features of this fitness rowing machine include an onboard computer with instantaneous biofeedback results, and constantly updated session data, includes strokes per minute, and estimated distance traveled. The two stage belt to belt drive incorporates a unidirectional clutch and roller bearings to give the smoothest stroke possible. On a more aesthetic level, the onboard computer head may be adjusted to give each user an optimal viewing angle for better real-time analyses of performance data.

While it is a perfect rowing exercise machine, the Windrigger is also a very efficient personal training tool. Professional athletes can get continue to build tone and muscle tissue even during stormy weather or extreme winter conditions. And the Windrigger rowing machine is small enough that it can be transported along with other gear for those whose active lifestyles take them on the road frequently, so that even spending a few days in another location will not interrupt an ongoing training schedule.

Many users will also appreciate that unique ergonomic seat design. And to get the most demanding workout, the rail has a double position setting to allow it to be inclined during periods when the user wants to enjoy a maximum exertion workout. Inclining the rail place more demand on abdominal muscles and the hamstrings, giving the user a faster route to tighter abs and greater stamina.

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