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WaterRower S1

No matter how you look at it, there is not a rowing machine quite like the WaterRower fitness machines. You've probably heard about the solid wood construction of the Natural series, or maybe even know someone who has one of their own, but were you aware that there is another type of indoor rower from the same company that uses top quality stainless steel to create a stylish and modernistic appeal?

The S1 rowing machine is part of the WaterRower designer series, sharing the stage with such well known models as the Oxbridge. It includes an ergonomically design seat on whisper quieter rollers, and features the famous WaterRower water resistance mechanism for a smooth, natural workout. Despite the modern design, it is every bit as ergonomically friendly as the other models, and quite a bit more light weight, owing the reduced materials involved with stainless steel over wood construction.

The fitness monitor on the WaterRower S1 displays all of your important session data such as the length of the session, how many calories you have burned, and even a calculated display for the distance you have covered during the workout. It is mounted so that it can be viewed easily, and has one touch controls so that you can focus on the workout, not on the machines that complement the exercise.

waterrower s1

WaterRower rowing machines are a recognized form of low impact aerobic exercise. They are often used for rehabilitative treatment, and to help regain the use of muscle tissue which has grown weak with disuse. And of course a water rowing machine is popular for those who simply want to take off a few pounds, and keep themselves in top physical shape. Whether you are trying for a complete full body workout, or training for a major competition, the toning and strengthening benefits of a fitness rowing machine are tough to match with other fitness equipment.

For many, a water rowing machine is like getting into a boat, and paddling away. The water resistance mechanism is as realistic as you can get with an indoor rower, complete with the audible sounds of water swishing as you row away to an imaginary island. Water rowers are popular because they give a full body workout, and because they feel so natural. The WaterRower S1 rowing machine is popular because it is as stylish and invigorating as any of the indoor rowers made by such a well-respected name in the industry.

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