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WaterRower Rowing Machines

One of the most attractive and innovative rowing machines on the market is produced by the WaterRower company. And while the company makes several different lines of rowing machines, the WaterRower Natural series is worthy of a great deal of praise for reasons that are completely unexpected: Eco-friendliness. In addition to the 2 models in the Natural series, other rowers from WaterRower include the three Designer models, plus respective LoRise and HiRise models in the M series.

A WaterRower rowing machine is not only great for dedicated athletes and hopeful novices, it is also recommended as an excellent form of physical therapy, helping people rebuild muscular tissue after serious accidents or illnesses have left them in a weakened condition. For home, professional, or medical use, WaterRower makes a rowing machine that is built especially for that particular niche.

The M series from WaterRower are special entries from the company for two reasons. The first is that they are unique models intended to improve access for a particular need. The LoRise sets very close to the floor for those who have difficulty getting elevated, and the HiRise model serves the opposite purpose for those who need a higher than normal base level to begin with. The second unique feature is that where most WaterRower rowing machines are made using natural wood frames, the M series incorporates heavy duty metal tubing for the frame.

The WaterRower Natural is a marvelous piece of equipment. Where many competitor rowing machines are built to be easily stored away when not in use, the wood and warm toned finishes of the WaterRower Natural series are perfect for a conversational attraction even when the rowing machine is sitting completely idle. No other rowing machine manufacturer produces fitness equipment made from wood, and it is not likely that any other company could compete with the natural style of a WaterRower even if they did make a wooden model.

As you'd expect, a WaterRower machine uses a water resistance mechanism. Many assert that a water mechanism gives the user the closest feel to actually rowing a boat of any other resistance method. For the WaterRower fitness rowers, the resistance mechanism itself becomes an intriguing part of the device, and the user or bystanders are able to actually watch the process of water resistance taking place inside the clear hydraulic drum. All other considerations aside, a WaterRower rowing machine is going to be the most innovative and natural exercise equipment you are likely to ever buy.

WaterRower Rowing Machines

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