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WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine

Any indoor rower built by WaterRower is going to be at the top of its class. Most of the company's rowing machines are built with a wood construction that uses fine farm grown woods to create an piece of equipment that is both inviting and interesting. The Oxbridge rowing machine is no exception to that, and is built with natural cherry wood and then finished with Danish oils to seal the wood and give it a depth that has to be seen to be believed.

The Oxbridge model features a water resistance mechanism that literally feels like rowing in water, because that's technically what is happening. And while the resistance increases with force applied by the user, it is also possible to set higher starting resistance levels by simply increasing the level of water in the special resistance mechanism tank.

WaterRower rowing machines look at once rustic and modernistic, using natural wood to create an aesthetically appealing exercise machine which is powered by the user's own strength. Since the onboard performance monitor operates on batteries, you won't even have to make sure there is a power outlet nearby.

waterrower oxbridge

You may be able to find another water rowing machine, but none have the same focus on innovative design and natural earth friendliness. WaterRower machines are built using wood harvested in tree farms, so there's no permanent loss to the environment. Very few exercise and fitness companies can claim to be environmentally friendly, but this fitness equipment leader makes it a policy to create products with minimal carbon footprints.

The Oxbridge is available from Designer Collection, which is composed of three models, including the company's only steel frame rowing machine, the WaterRower S1. It is not an exaggeration to say that no other company makes a rowing machine like those manufactured by WaterRower. No other company, not even leading brands like Kettler or Stamina, employ water resistance technology the way this company does, and no other company at all makes a natural wood frame rowing machine.

The Oxbridge from WaterRower is a fantastic example of how a rowing machine can be both visually appealing and athletically functional. It offers a complete cardiovascular workout and the use of water makes the rowing motion as smooth and natural as though the user were actually rowing through water, which is essentially what is really happening. The WaterRower Oxbridge rowing machine is intended to be used as a fully functional piece of exercise equipment, but it is also built to be appreciated as a fine work of craftsmanship, standing out in the crowd of lookalike machines available from other manufacturers.

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