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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

The Waterrower Natural rowing machine is at once superbly simple and ingeniously innovative. It combines the modern rowing machine with natural wood construction and uses plain water for the resistance mechanism, bring the feel of real water rowing home to the fitness machine.

The Natural model includes wheels at one end, making it somewhat portable. When not in use, the water tank can be drained of fluid, reducing almost half of the total weight of the rowing machine. To be sure, though, a WaterRower Natural is not going to be easily hidden away, serving instead as an interesting conversation piece.

WaterRower rowing machines like this model are made with 100% sustainable wood frames. The Natural is made from Ash wood finished with a Honey Oak Stain and Danish finishing oil. The Danish oil provides a deep, warm luster, and the wood used is specifically chosen for its ability to absorb vibration and sound, keeping the Natural as quiet as an early morning on a placid lake.

waterrower natural

A water rowing machine is a relatively simple device, and being made from wood gives it a old world look and feel, reminiscent of pioneer days, but packing all of the scientifically proven cardiovascular benefits of even the most modern piece of fitness equipment.

Another important feature of the wood used in a water rower is that it has an incredible longevity, and is a durable hardwood that can handle the strain of regular usage. The seat is a soft contoured cushion, with roller wheels on each of two rails, a perfectly smooth system to give even the most robust workout program a smooth and realistic feel.

Simply put, the WaterRower Natural rowing machine is like nothing else on the market. It is meant to appeal to athletic enthusiasts, especially those who like the use of real wood as an ecologically friendly way to help conserve the planet's resources.

There are a lot of rowing machines on the market, using many different types of resistance mechanism, from hydraulic cylinders to electromagnetism or even air. But no other rowing machine available has the style, function, and eco-friendliness of a WaterRower Natural. It contains the same types of displays, readouts, and computer programs as other models, but nothing else made in the field of physical fitness can rival the simplistically natural construction.

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