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WaterRower M1 HiRise

Each model of the WaterRower Designer series offers a specific design enhancement. The S1 offers a distinctive style and is built with stainless steel, and the M1 LoRise is built to be accessible to people who aren't able to use a higher surface for whatever reasons. The M1 HiRise is just the opposite. It is meant to be used by those who can't or don't wish to sit as low as most rowing machines require. The innovation is little more than adding legs to a rowing machine, but it makes a great deal of difference, and opens the accessibility options up to an even wider group.

The WaterRower M1 HiRise rowing machine has all of the features and quality the company is famous for, including the amazing water resistance mechanism, which is more than a part of the machine, it is an interesting work of scientific design.

Where the Natural Series is a more rustic design, the WaterRower HiRise is ultra modern, using tube steel and a very stylish rail design that exemplifies quality product engineering. Both have the prominent water tank at the front, but the visual similarities end there. On the functional side though, both series offer the same great cardiovascular benefits and perform nearly equally.

waterrower hirise

WaterRower rowing machines are undisputed among the top rated brands of rowing machine. They are engineered for club or home use, and have differing amounts of complementary programs available. All of them display key session statistic such as the length of the session or the distance traveled, and even show you a real time view of calories being burned. On models that support it, the Polar compatible wireless chest strap adds Heart rate Control functionality, a definite requirement for those undergoing heart therapies.

Water rowing machines at home provide an interesting centerpiece for any home fitness area. They take up a bit more space than other rowers, but offer a degree of aesthetic purpose that nothing else can match. And WaterRower indoor rowers are built using only the finest quality materials, whether it is the Natural Series or any of the Models in the Designer series.

If you are looking for a Water rower that sits at a comfortable height, the WaterRower M1 HiRise rowing machine was built for you. Instead of sitting at near floor level, the feel is more like sitting in a chair, perhaps in a boat. It is priced comparably to other brands in its class, and delivers a unique form of functionality not usually available from other companies.

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