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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

There is not another model of rowing machine that can compete with the Water Rower Natural series. Built with warm hardwood and featuring a unique form of water resistance, the Natural series is both aesthetic and environmentally friendly. The Club model is intended to provide the same aesthetic appeal as the company's home models, but it is built to be ruggedly durable to make it fitting for commercial gyms, rehabilitative clinics and other heavy usages.

The Club, like other models in the Natural series, is made from sustainable wood, and operates using an innovative water resistance mechanism which is only limited by the force each user is able to apply. The wood design is at once simplistic and professionally engineered, from the dual wood rails to the unique tank which serves as the machines resistance mechanism when filled with ordinary tap water.

It Feels Like Rowing On Water

WaterRower rowing machines have the feel of actually rowing on water, because you really are using water for the resistance. This is accomplished with a flywheel fully enclosed within the water storage tank, making it quiet, and allowing for self-regulated resistance that is perfectly matched for every user.

waterrower club

Quality Fitness Demands Quality Features

The Series 4 monitor of this water rowing machine contains readouts for workout intensity, the user's stroke rate and heart rate, and much more. It is perfectly integrated onto the frame, which is made using solid ash, a tree known for its ability to absorb sound and vibration, making it even more perfect for high traffic areas.

More Solid Than Most Rowing Machines

One thing that is missing from a WaterRower fitness rower is compactness and the ability to move it easily. While there are front wheel built in for tilt-and-roll transport, it is important to understand that a wooden rowing machine, especially one which uses water for the resistance mechanism, is usually going to weigh quite a bit more than a steel and plastic construction.

Aesthetic Design And Warm Appeal

No other rowing machine has a more natural feel. Water rowers have a very simple and interesting design, and yet provide the performance and results to rival fitness machines made using only metal and plastic, and many users are quick to point out that it is the design of the Club from WaterRower that won them over and made them loyal owners.

Built For Commercial Usage

The WaterRower Club rowing machine is built expressly for high volume, heavy use. It is the most rugged and durable of the Natural series, and still offers all of the style and appeal that makes these products a unique and invigorating experience.

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