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WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine

Among rowing machines, no model stands apart from the others quite the way the WaterRower Classic rowing machine does, with its solid wood frame and authentic water resistance rowing mechanism. One of the most popular models in the Designer series, the Classic is a full featured indoor rower, complete with onboard computer, adjustable resistance levels, and more.

Designer Series Frame Materials

Most rowing machines are made using solid wood construction, such as the black walnut used in the Classic, or the cherry wood used in making the Oxbridge. One model in the Designer series, though, uses a different type of material, stainless steel. The WaterRower S1 is the model, and while stainless steel is a long way from solid wood, it is still a far cry from the materials used in your average indoor rower.

About Water Resistance

A water rowing machine generates resistance according to the force applied by the user. To do this, a tank of water is used, and pressure is applied to the water proportionately to the user force on the handles. This gives the user a smooth, natural feel, and the amount of possible resistance increases as the user's athletic ability increases, keeping this indoor rower a beneficial tool for years to come.

waterrower classic

Quality Construction

In the WaterRower Designed Series, everything is manufactured a little better than it has to be. These rowing machines are intended to be the finest home fitness equipment you can buy, and each one lends an aesthetic quality to the room in which it is placed. Even the shiny steel frame of the S1 is both stylish and sleek, and the two wood models of Water rower are simply a visual experience. All three models in the Series, the Oxbridge, the Classic, and the S1, form the pinnacle of the products list available from WaterRower, and compromise the most unique home rowers available.

Every WaterRower Classic rowing machine includes a built in monitor that keeps track of important session data such as the speed of strokes, the distance traveled, the length of the session, and even the pulse rate of the user. Heart rate control programs may require the use of the Polar compatible wireless chest strap, and there is a wide range of support software available to help you get the most from your fitness machine.

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