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Water Rowing Machines

There are four basic types of rowing machine mechanisms, Water, air, magnetic, and piston. Each one offers a specific set of features, and many rowing machines will incorporate more than one type into their design, for maximum advantage. Many professional athletes prefer water resistance mechanism to other types, because they say it more closely emulates the feel of rowing a boat on water.

Why Use A Water Rower?

Using a water resistance rowing machine, as mentioned above, offers a more realistic feel for the user. It also has the benefit of increasing the resistance as the rower's pace increases, keeping the workout strenuous and healthfully cardiovascular for every level of athletic development.

Water Is Quiet

A water rowing machine is one of the quieter types of rowing machine. Because the resistance is supplied with water pressure, the sound of sloshing water may sometimes be noticeable, but will only add to the sensation of feeling as though you were actually on water.

When Is A Water Rower The Wrong Choice?

On the other hand, it is important to note that due to the nature of the resistance mechanism, a water resistance rowing machine is not well suited for locations with limited space available. Where other types of rowing machines, especially air resistance models, can be quickly and easily folded up and stored away, a water rower is often bulky and somewhat heavy, and a water rower is rarely able to be folded or disassembled quickly.

Spotlight On The WaterRower Natural

One of the most innovative models of rowing machines made is the WaterRower Natural water rowing machine. These beautiful fitness machines are built from wood, and provide a very appealing complementary look to any home decor. Made from sustainably grown cherry wood and other attractive materials, the Waterrower rowing machine is the only indoor rower on the market which can make the claim of being environmentally friendly.

In addition to the benefits of a water rower, be sure to select your indoor rowing machine on its other merits, as well. Many models feature a powerful onboard computer with built-in work out programs, while others include a specially contoured seat for maximum comfort.

In order to get all of the features you prefer in a rowing machine, it may be necessary to look through some consumer reviews for direct comparisons. Consumer ratings can help you determine which features will be the most beneficial for your uses, or be better able to stand up to long hours of grueling training sessions for professional athletes.

Popular Water Rowing Machines

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