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Vivotion Rowing Machines

You may know of the Vivotion rowing machine in one of two types, air resistance models, and magnetic resistance models. The R700 magnetic rower is perhaps the company's best known magnetic resistance rowing machine, followed by the Vivotion Pro 1000, which builds on the same design, but increases the capacity of the rowing machine to handle larger people, and accommodate greater weight limits.

The other type of Vivotion rowing machine uses air resistance, and is generally less expensive than other types of resistance. The Vivotion Pro R8000 employs single action air resistance in a special space saving folding design that can be easily stored when not in use. It comes in a stylish black contoured seat and trim, coupled with a chip resistant grey frame.

This may very well be the best air rowing machine on the market, when factors such as the affordable price or feature-packed onboard computer are considered. And the computer provides helpful fitness data during the workout including distance traveled, calories used, strokes per minute, session time, and both maximum and average speeds. For dedicated athletes, this information can be processed by a computer to help develop specially customized exercise programs.

Magnetic rowing machine is one of the newest types of resistance mechanism available for rowing machines. The technology is derived from flywheel technology used in stationary cycle designs, but applied to give the user a simulated feel of being on the water. One of the benefits of magnetic resistance is that it allows for greater resistance control, even under heavy use, but maintains a smooth feeling stroke even in the most strenuous uses.

Getting the most out of a rower machine begins by understanding what the machine has to offer, and the place to find out information of this type is probably to peruse some consumer reviews, where actual owners review different rowing machines, remarking on the points they like best, and bringing less popular features to notice for people who weren't aware of potential problems.

Whether you choose magnetic or air resistance, a Vivotion rowing machine is going to be one of the more popular choices available. It has all of the features you might expect from a high-end rowing machine, but delivers at a price that is affordable by all but the most restrained of budgets.

Vivotion Rowing Machines

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