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Vivotion Excel R750 Rowing Machine

The Vivotion R750 rowing machine uses a patented magnetic resistance braking system that applies resistance proportionately to the force applied by each user. However, because there are many different levels of athletic experience, there are also 5 selectable resistance levels, so the first session can be suited for the user, whether that person is a professional athlete or a first-time home user. And since the home user is who this unit is designed for, it has to fit a very wide range of requirements and preferences, not to mention adhering to industry standards.

For many forms of cardiovascular rehabilitation, a rowing machine is the most suitable tool available. It not only strengthens the heart and increases physical stamina, but a rowing machine is also no-impact, meaning it won't cause problems for users who have frail bones or muscles that have been inactive for long periods. And for cardiovascular fitness, the Vivotion Excel R750 includes a hand pulse monitor that can be used for Heart Rate Control exercises.

The R750 Magnetic rowing machine has an attractive console which houses the onboard computer. The computer is a relatively standard model, with displays for distance covered, time elapsed in the session, high and average speeds, how many calories the user has burned in the session, and a real time read out for the user's pulse rate. This data can be used by private users, personal trainers, and clinical technicians to measure improvement and target future goals.

vivotion excel r750

Most rowing exercise machines use a rolling seat, but the R750 has a saddle style seat, ergonomically designed to be functional and comfortable for people weighing up to 250 pounds, the maximum capacity of the Vivotion R750. And the whole design is foldable for easy storage, without giving up a bit of its stylish appearance and comfortable feel.

This isn't just any fitness rowing machine. It is built to be highly affordable, providing only the most basic features as a method of keeping cost down and providing an excellent quality rowing machine at a cost you might associate with lesser models. And it is really light weight, totaling less than 60 pounds when set up for use. Most people are amazed that such a diverse set of features can be found on an indoor rowing machine and yet it is still small enough to pack up and store away when the Vivotion R750 rowing machine is not in use.

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