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Vivotion Pro 8000 Air Rowing Machine

The Vivotion Pro 8000 air rowing machine is specifically designed with home use in mind. It features single action resistance, which reduces wear and tear on the machine, while providing an excellent aerobic exercise for the user. The fully enclosed fan helps keep the user cool at the same time as it generates the resistance against which the users must exert themselves.

There is also a powerful onboard computer that helps make using an air rowing machine more beneficial to the user. The backlit LCD computer display monitor has readouts for many popular statistics. This includes calculated speed and distance traveled, duration of the session, and even a quick reference for the amount of calories burned during the session.

One major factor that people look for in rowing equipment is often a space saving folding design. For the home user, an efficient design means less precious space wasted, but it also implies that the unit can be easily stored away when not required for use. For those who have limited extra room available, the portability factor alone can be the final decisive factor.

vivotion air 8000

You can find another fitness rower, you can even get one that has similar functions, but the Vivotion is priced to be affordable, and that means that you probably can't get the same quality or style for the money. Part of the company's focus on the home user is a commitment to keeping the prices as low as possible, understanding that the average home user is going to have limited funds available to work with.

Another factor that must be considered for home use is that the fitness machine needs to be compatible with as many people as possible. The Vivotion Pro 8000 does just that by allowing users to be anywhere between 4 feet 6 inches and 6 feet 6 inches, and allowing a maximum user capacity of 250 pounds. For all but the most extreme sizes and weights, this is the perfect home fitness machine to use. It even has a padded contoured seat and adjustable foot straps to help each person feel as comfortable as possible during their workout session.

Now you should have a better understanding of why the Vivotion Pro 8000 Air rowing machine stands apart from other home rowing machines. It is designed expressly to fit a smaller budget, but to be useful for a wider range of users than many other machines, and it is so portable that many athletes simply take their personal rower along when they travel for competitions.

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