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Is A Rowing Machine The Ultimate Fitness Machine?

You can get a cardiovascular workout from a number of different exercise machines, and all of them promise you to be the best at this or that. But is there an ultimate fitness machine? For many, the answer to that is yes, and the ultimate machine in question is an indoor rower, because of all the advantages one of them has to offer.

Rowing machines take fitness to a new level. One rowing machine can replace an exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer, and even a personal weight machine. For those who have limited space available, or just don't want to invest in a wide range of equipment when buying the right rowing machine can do the whole job, these make the best selection for a home fitness machine.

Rower machines provide not just an upper body workout, but many of them are designed to give the user a complete, full-body workout. When the whole body is working equally, progress is easier to make on a fitness program, and calories seem to melt away as the digital counter shows them being put to good use.

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Exercise rowing machines are even available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes, intended to maximum accessibility, including recumbent seat models that are excellent for physical recovery programs. From 4 and a half feet tall to well over size feet, and encompassing user capacities up to and above 300 pounds, rowing machines offer more accessibility to a wider physical profile than most other fitness machines can even come close to matching.

Exercise bikes and elliptical trainers are nice, but they simply aren't built for the same range of motions as a quality rowing exercise machine. Aside from some limited hybrids such as the York 2-in-1 cycle / rower, nothing is able to bridge the gap between rowing machines and other exercise equipment, and in respect, it is safe to say that a rowing machine really is the ultimate fitness machine.

And just because it is the best type, a fitness rowing machine doesn't have to break your family piggy bank. Some very nice models are available from companies such as Schwinn and Stamina that provide optimal cardiovascular workouts, but are built to be portable and priced to fit any budget. If you just want to spend a lot of money, there are some full-featured machines available that are priced into the thousands, but for most people, spending a few hundred dollars or so should be a fair price for excellent fitness equipment. Rowing machines are one of the best types of fitness machine, and may be used to fill the purposes of many other machines in the bargain.

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