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Tunturi Rowing Machines

For more than 80 years, Tunturi - a Finland based company, has been manufacturing quality exercise equipment. The quality and dependability of their products have pushed the Tunturi rowing machine to the top of the field in spite of the fact that the brand is not especially well known outside of professional fitness circles. In most consumer reviews, Tunturi rowing machines are classed as high-end fitness equipment for home users, and they often cost quite a bit more than other, more basic rowing machines such as some Stamina and York Fitness.

The Tunturi R60 features a heavy duty frame and a custom designed saddle to give the most ergonomically accurate support during the exercise program. The onboard computer provides a total of 12 workout programs, 8 of which are preset and the other four can be designed by the user for designing a workout program that focuses on the muscle groups the user most wants to see improvement on.

The Tunturi R30 is similar to the R60, but designed more for the home user than for use in a commercial setting. It still has plenty of functionality to challenge even a well seasoned athlete, but the design is meant to provide simple usage and fast, compact storage. It is one of the most recommend rowing machines for novice users who still want the benefits of professional equipment.

A home rower is a serious purchase, and the brand and model to get should be carefully considered. Read consumer reviews, check out rowing machine ratings, and pay close attention to the difference which separate one major brand from another. Consumer reviews are often considered to be the single best tool available to help consumer get the most value for their purchases. With a home rower or any other significant purchase, the buyer is always well advised to take a look at a few consumer reviews before making a final purchasing decision.

In many consumer reviews, a Tunturi rowing machine is listed as a high-end, fully functional piece of exercise equipment. Used properly, one of these machines can provide a complete workout routine that uses all major muscle groups, providing a uniform toning of muscle tissue. According to these reviews, Tunturi machines are both durable and dependable, employing patented resistance mechanisms and machine engineering to get the very most value packed into the smallest design.

Tunturi Rowing Machines

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