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Tunturi R710 Rowing Machine

Perhaps the most affordable of all Tunturi indoor rowers, the R710 rowing machine is built to be portable and comfortable. It uses an air resistance system, the patented Wind Fan resistance mechanism, which is popular for its smooth fluid motions. And the 100% carbon steel frame is intended to take all of the abuse it needs to in order to be the most popular fitness machine you have ever owned.

The Tunturi R710 is created with ergonomics in mind, from the pivoting foot plates to the large, comfortable seat. And being ergonomically designed means that users are more likely to use it for longer periods, and do so more often. After all, it is discomfort which causes so many exercise programs to come to a screeching halt..

tunturi r710

Tunturi rowing machines feature an easy to read digital monitor. Designed expressly to track session data, this basic computer provides information concerning the user's speed, calories they have burned, calculated distance traveled, and the time spent in the session. This data makes it easy to see when improvements are being made, and better design a workout routine that is customized for each user.

Air rowing machines generally have a small footprint, making them exceptional for home use where space is at a premium. The R710 even folds for compact storage, and can be stored away in space smaller than a typical golf bag. Being light enough to take along, and small enough to put in the car means that Tunturi fits well into active lifestyles and business schedules.

An air rower such as the Tunturi R710 rower offers a nearly endless set of dynamically controlled resistance levels. As the user's stamina and strength increase, an air resistance rower will increase the difficulty of the work automatically, so that the routine never becomes too easy, and challenge is a constant level for every stage of athletic ability.

Tunturi R710 rowing machines are affordable for a reason. The company wants you to experience an indoor rower, and find out for yourself what all the commotion is about. It is built to provide all of the basic features you'd find in a top quality rower, but doesn't include expensive frills which could price it out of the budget of the ordinary person. For a personal fitness tool, or for rehabilitative purposes, this machine offers some of the best performance for the cost.

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