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Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine

TAmong the very best rowing machines made, the Tunturi R60 rowing machine is often presented as the cream of the crop. It is even designed to handle a heavier load than most, with a maximum user capacity of 300 pounds. There are a lot of features packed into the compact frame of the Tunturi R60, from the ergonomic design of the seat and handles to the fully functional onboard computer. If you, like so many, will settle for nothing less than the very best, this may very well be the rowing machine for you.

Take the monochrome LCD display of the Tunturi R60 rower, for starters. It offers the same session statistics as you can get with most rowing machines, including time, speed, distance, and calories, but those are just the details of the workout. TO really get the user involved, the Tunturi rowing machine has a total of 12 programs available, including 8 built in programs which include such important functions as Heart Rate Control using the wireless Polar chest strap. And if the preset programs aren't enough, up to 4 programs may be designed by the user, creating the perfect workout program for any user, from total newbie to celebrated professional.

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Rowing machine fitness is becoming a widely recognized form of personal fitness. It doesn't rely on good weather, and an indoor rower can be used for whatever length of time the user desires, on a daily, weekly, or hourly schedule. The more time and effort a person has to put into an indoor rowing machine, the better the results are going to be, thanks to the low impact, aerobically stimulating cardiovascular workout available. For personal training or physical therapy, an indoor rower is often recommended for the wide range of benefits one has to offer. And a model such as the Tunturi R60 is favored with clinical staff, because the custom programs can be tailored to give each patient a more personalized treatment.

The Tunturi R60 rowing machine is definitely not a toy, but it is a great fitness machine for the whole family. Define the user programs to give the whole family a challenging test, pitting one member against another, and watch how everyone benefits. Increased heart and lung strength are the first obvious benefits, but this is full body workout, and will show results in tighter abs, less flab, and firming, shrinking waistline.

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