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Tunturi R35 Rowing Machine

The Tunturi R35 rowing machine is a great tool for training all of the major muscle groups, increasing physical stamina, strengthening the heart, and just taking off a few unwanted pounds. It offers a low-impact aerobic exercise that is recommended by rehabilitative centers, personal trainers, and health centers, and is probably one of the best machines made for cardiovascular exercise programs.

A Tunturi R35 rower machine is built to operate quietly, allowing the user to concentrate on the workout, not listen to their fitness equipment. It uses a magnetic braking system that includes many ranges of resistance, and is designed expressly to meet the needs a beginning user. Just put in some batteries, sit down on the large padded seat, and away you go. The seat and handle grips are designed to be ergonomically correct, and that means more benefit with less potential problems.

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The session monitor for the Tunturi rowing machine uses a 5.5 inch LCD screen with displays for time, speed, and distance. There are three built in programs, as well as three training modes: quick start, manual, and Heart Rate min/max. For personal fitness or rehabilitative muscle growth, the Tunturi is an excellent choice, and built with the kind of quality you expect from this fitness equipment company.

There are several types of resistance mechanism used on an indoor rowing machine, including air, magnetic, and hydraulic. The Tunturi R35 collection features magnetic resistance, which is thought be many experts to provide the widest range of personal resistance settings, and is often the preferred choice of professional athletes in training.

A rowing exercise machine in the Tunturi R35 collection is built to fit many different body types and styles, it can handle a maximum capacity of up to 300 pounds, and is engineered to comfortably fit people standing anywhere between four and a half feet and six and a half feet tall. The extra wide padded seat is comfortable, even for those who may not be able to use a traditional saddle style seat, and the whole fitness machine is intended to offer maximum accessibility.

Is a Tunturi R35 rowing machine the perfect fitness machine for you? Possibly. It is built to be easy to use, and light on the wallet, but features all of the best qualities from even the highest priced rowing machines. It is ergonomically designed, and has an onboard computer with all of the functions you would expect to find on an indoor rower, including workout programs to maximize your health potential.

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