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Tunturi R30 Magnetic Rowing Machine

A Tunturi rowing machine is simply one of the best and most respected rowing machines available. When it comes to fitness equipment such as rowing machines and exercise bikes, Tunturi is recognized world-wide as a leader in quality and durability. The R30 is one of the company's newest additions, and it promises to be a top performer against other leading models with better workmanship and user friendly engineering.

Typically, a magnetic rowing machine offers a wider range of resistance levels than other forms of resistance, and the Tunturi R30 is no exception to the rule. The manually operated magnetic brake control provides each user with a customized resistance level that matches their level of fitness and training experience, and the double rail construction is smoother and more balanced, training all major muscle groups with only a single piece of fitness equipment.

This Tunturi fitness rowing machine features a battery operated monochrome LCD display which eliminates the need for an external power supply. Simply install the batteries, and your fitness rower is ready to go, providing a display of your time, distance, and calories burned during the workout. It also includes a total of 3 programs, including a recovery heart rate program for maximum cardiovascular benefit.

tunturi r30

For an exceptionally balanced, high performance rowing exercise machine, Tunturi is assuredly among the leaders in the field, sharing the top position with companies like Kettler, Schwinn, and Stamina, and often surpassing them in durability and quality construction. Many consumer reviews feature Tunturi rowing machines because they are such a dependable addition to anyone's home gym.

Perfection doesn't have to be complicated, it just has to do the job better than anything else of its type, and that is the philosophy behind all Tunturi products, especially the R30. By incorporating a dual rail design, it is more stable than other models, and still able to be easily stored away in a relatively small space when it is not in use.

If you are just starting out with personal fitness, the Tunturi R30 rowing machine makes it easy to see improvements right away. Use the session displays to track your performance, and increase the resistance levels when you begin to acclimate to the current settings. For best results, the Tunturi R30 should always be pushing you for a little more exertion, and never become a dull and routine experience.

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