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Tunturi R25 Rowing Machine

If you have looked at a few consumer reviews of rowing machines, you have probably heard of Tunturi. They specialize in high quality fitness machines aimed at the home user but durable enough to handle even the most ruggedly abusive commercial usage. Anyone who is interested in purchasing a rowing machine would be well advised to take a closer look at a Tunturi rowing machine.

The Tunturi R25 rowing machine is impressively compact, using a compact monorail frame that folds up for fast and easy storage, and it only weighs 71 pounds, so even the most diminutive person can easily store it away when not in use. When folded, it fits into a space smaller than a typical golf bag, and weighs considerably less.

The R25 is a Magnetic rowing machine, providing increasing resistance as more force is applied, giving the user the feel of actually rowing a boat. The comfortably soft seat makes the workout more enjoyable, and the compact single rail means greater accessibility for a wider ranges of users. The maximum user capacity of 300 pounds, and adjustability for sizes from four and half feet to over six feet gives it a very die appeal.

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Tunturi R25 exercise rowing machines feature three training modes, quick start, manual, and heart rate, and have a manually adjustable brake that can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout at the individual's personal discretion. It also has 3 complete training programs, and has display readouts for time elapsed, the distance you would have traveled, how mush energy, or calories, you have used, and more.

A fitness rower can be an excellent rehabilitative tool for those who are undergoing a physical therapy program. Many models are compact enough to carry with you, and that means that a balanced exercise program can be adhered to even when you must travel often. For professionals athletes, a portable rowing machine is like taking along a miniature gymnasium.

The Tunturi R25 rowing machine is among the best in the field, and its portability gives it an edge over competitor model which are too heavy or bulky to handle easily. No matter what exercise environment it is used in, commercial or residential, it performs in a manner that is focused on an easy, low impact startout with increasing exertion required as the user develops stamina and muscle tissue.

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