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Stamina Rowing Machines

Stamina rowing machines are some of the most affordable indoor rowers on the market. They are engineered to be beneficial to experienced athletes, but made to be a popular piece of home exercise equipment, as well. Among the most popular models available are the Stamina ATS air rowing machine, the Stamina 1205, and the stylish Stamina Body Trac. Between them they offer just about anything you could ask from a rowing machine.

Before you rush out to purchase a Stamina rowing machine, be sure to know which one suits your needs the most closely. The remainder of this article will help you understand the differences between one Stamina rower and the next, so that you can get the best piece of fitness equipment to suit your personal needs. From the simply functional to the sleekly powerful, Stamina rowers fill a wide range of personal preferences without breaking the bank.

The Stamina ATS Air rowing machine uses a patented flywheel design to deliver smooth, controlled rowing. The design is intended to add muscle tone to the upper body as well as the legs, with several different adjustment levels to get the level of effort the user desires.

The Stamina 1205, on the other hand uses a more traditional design and hydraulic pistons for balanced rowing. For strict budgets, this rowing machine is one of the best choices on the market. It is relatively short on features, but remains a powerhouse piece of fitness equipment for dedicated enthusiasts.

The Body Trac Glider uses a completely different type of hydraulic piston, and offers more user freedom in how they move their body during the workout. For a sleek and affordable workout machine, the Body Trac Glider is often mentioned in consumer reviews as the most dependable choice for serious results.

No matter which Stamina rowing machine a person chooses, they can rest assured that the same quality engineering is available. For a complete total body workout, there is very little to compare to an indoor rower, and Stamina is one of the industry leaders in rowing machines. There are other rowing exercise machines available with more technological improvements, such as digital statistic displays, but for complete functionality, Stamina is hard to beat.

Stamina Rowing Machines

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