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Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

The Stamina 1215 rowing machine features smooth and dependable hydraulic resistance, allowing a wider range of selectable resistance and giving the user a thorough workout regardless of their athletic level of experience. Rowing machines give the user an excellent cardiovascular workout, working not only the upper body, but all major muscle groups. The patented free motion arms mean that the user is able to perform the rowing motion in the way that is more comfortable for them rather than being restricted to the movement allowed in the original machine design.

The LCD display monitor for the Stamina rowing machine keeps track of critical session data such as the number of strokes, speed, time, and the amount of energy (calories) used. It is easy to use, employing a single button step through approach that makes using it as simple as (literally) pressing a single button. This type of computer is often called a performance monitor due to the fact that its purpose is to record and compare session data, helping the user identify and focus on area where more work may be required.

Hydraulic rowing machines are recognized as the smallest type of indoor rower, as well as some of the most powerful. The nature of a hydraulic cylinder means that this type of rower can provide suitable resistance no matter how much force is applied, keeping every workout smooth and invigorating.

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Another name for a hydraulic resistance rower is a piston rowing machine. Both terms refer to the gas filled cylinders which compress according to force applied to achieve resistance in a smooth and comfortable way. And the workout available from a rowing machine is recognized as a low-impact workout, which means that it is great for those undergoing physical therapy, fitness training, or just trying to tighten up those abs.

This Stamina rower also has folding arms to allow it to be quickly and easily stored when not in use. And since it weighs only 55 pounds, it can be set up or stored by even the smallest framed user. And while it may not be feasible to take it along on trips in the family car, professional athletes will appreciate that will fit easily into an equipment van, allowing them to continue a strict workout program even as they travel from one event to another.

The Stamina 1215 rowing machine is possibly the best, most affordable rowing machine of its type available. It is both portable and professional, and has all of the features you would expect to find on much larger and more expensive models.

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