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Stamina 1205 Precision Rowing Machine

The Stamina 1205 Precision is recognized as a leader in rowing machines, with its deluxe ball bearing rolling system that keeps movement smooth and dependable. It uses hydraulic cylinder resistance for optimum response to user exertion, and has a built in fitness monitor that tracks key data such as calories burned and time elapsed.

A Stamina 1205 rowing machine promises the user a complete cardiovascular workout, exercising all major muscle groups, and even allowing you to compare results over previous workouts by noting the results of each session. And to keep you as comfortable as possible during long workouts, the seat is extra large and thickly padded, using a patented ergonomic design that appeals to a wide range of users.

Low impact exercise such as that available from a Stamina rowing machine is often recommended for those undergoing physical therapy to recover from an injury or illness. It allows building of stamina and strengthening of cardiovascular tissue without putting strain on the lower back or other sensitive muscle groups. Rehabilitative clinics and personal trainers alike use rowing machines as the easiest way to achieve goals without causing additional harm.

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The 1205 Precision rower is built to be small, with resistance provided through powerful hydraulic pistons. This is the quietest type of rowing machine, making only a small swishing sound as the user goes through their workout motions. It is meant to be a home use model, but is not intended to be folded and stored.

Rowing machines are popular for their ease of use and their ability to address most of the major muscles groups in the body. People who are simply trying to tone up or lose a few pounds can appreciate the display for calories burned, as it shows a running record of excess energy being spent. Likewise, professional athletes can use the pulse rate monitor to push themselves to new, farther levels of endurance, excellent for intense training schedules.

The Stamina 1205 Precision rower is an entry level rowing machine, priced to fit into most budgets, but packed with all of the features that larger and more expensive rowing machines have. It is both sleek and stylish, and has adjustable resistance levels that bring out the most in everyone. This is exactly the kind of quality home exercise equipment one would expect from a fitness company like Stamina.

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