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Why Choose A Rowing Machine?

The three major types of athletic exercise machines are exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and rowing machines. All three are touted as providing a heart healthy cardiovascular workout, but which one is really the best for your particular needs? For many, the answer is an indoor rower, as we will attempt to explain here.

A fitness rowing machine, like other exercise machines, offers the user a cardiovascular exercise routine that builds heart strength and promotes physical stamina. Unlike other type of exercise machine, though, an indoor rower offers the user a complete full body workout, requiring exertion from all of the body's major muscle groups, rather than focusing on the legs or upper body and ignoring the rest. The body is a finely tuned machine, and it is important that a quality exercise program keeps the whole body in tune, not just selected parts.

Exercise rowing machines give the user a no impact workout. This form of aerobic exercise increases blood flow and helps increase lung strength, but it doesn't have any of the bone jarring movements that have come to be known as dangerous practices, like running or jogging. For physical therapy and geriatric applications, this trait alone could be the deciding factor for a home rowing machine.

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Rowing machine exercise has all of the features you could get from other types of trainers. Elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, and rowing machines all have similar onboard computer functions, counting the time spent in a session, measuring the distance traveled, or keeping tabs on how much energy is used (usually in the form of a calorie counter). There are some variations from one type of trainer to the next, and even between brands, but the essential fitness monitor is usable across the board, and only becomes specialized when opne considers the fitness training and heart rate control programming, which varies substantially, even among a single company's models.

To be bluntly honest, a fitness rowing machine is not going to be perfect for every application. But rowing machines to fit a much wider range of applications than other machines, mostly due to their ability to give a full body workout. They are also recognized for their light weight and portability, although some elliptical trainers offer almost the same degree of portability.

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