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Rowing Machines Ratings

Rowing machine ratings can be helpful for anyone looking to purchase an indoor rower. Looking at the ratings for different brands and models can help make a decision regarding the rower machine best suited for a person's particular requirements and preferences. Rowing machines ratings can actually provide quite a bit of insight into why the top brands are so popular, setting them apart from their lesser competitors.

Many rowing machines ratings are written by consumers, and that means that they contain information regarding actual usage, which is usually more accurate than laboratory testing, and has the added benefit of getting first hand commentary from people who have used the rowing machines they are talking about. If you know what the best rated rower machine is, and why, you are better able to make a choice, even if that is not the one you get, because you will have more knowledge of how the machines work, and what their benefits to you will be.

What Are The Top Rated Row Machines?

There are a few brands of indoor rower that rise above the competition for one reason or another. Among them are Stamina rowers, the Schwinn Windrigger rowing machine, and Kettler rower machines, among others. Each one is backed up with a respectable reputation as a provider of quality fitness equipment.

Stamina Rowers

Stamina rowers use a patented hydraulic resistance system to deliver smooth dependable rowing. The company is popular with both amateur and professional enthusiasts, and has found a large following among home users, largely due to the economical price and many favorable consumer reviews.

Schwinn Windrigger

Schwinn, the famous bicycle company, makes rowing machines as well, but under the brand name Windrigger. This compact machine stores easily, but provides suitable comfort for people up to 6'6' tall and weighing as much as 300 pounds.

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Kettler Exercise Rower Machines

One of the best known names in fitness equipment is Kettler, and their line of rowing machines maintains the same great reputation they have earned with other types of fitness machines. Kettler indoor rowers use different type of resistance mechanisms, ranging from pistons on the lower priced models to hydraulic mechanisms on the more advanced models.

One of the things that rowing machine ratings will help you understand is how the different types of resistance mechanisms affect the comfort and usability of the rowing machine, as well as the overall cost of buying one. Ratings will illustrate exactly how each time excels in a particular application, underlying features that mark that particular piece of fitness equipment as superior.

Rowing Machines Ratings

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