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Stamina Rowing Machines Review

One of the leading names in rowing machines is the Stamina company. Their 1205, 1215, and Body Trac Glider are all popular among fitness experts and home use beginners alike. In fact, very few Stamina rowers reviews have anything bad to say about the company's products. There is an occasional complaint about the price, or a feature that someone feels is missing, but most reviews are very positive.

Reviews of Stamina rowing machines are easy to come by, and informative to read. The company has an impressive history as a fitness equipment provider, leading the field in rowing machines, exercise bikes, and even stationary ski machines.

Stamina ATS Air 1400

The Stamina ATS is an air rower designed to be sleek, stylish and portable. It features the conventional onboard computer to track time, distance, speed, and calories burned, and can be quickly packed away into a 78 pound compact space that is easy to store out of sight and out of the way.

Stamina 1205 Precision

The Stamina 1205 is a lightweight, professional rowing machine which uses hydraulic pistons to effectively generate hundreds of resistance levels. On the down side, it does not fold, stand on end, or store compactly, so you will have to dedicate some space for it, and that is a big problem for many owners.

Body Trac Glider

The Stamina Body Trac Glider is one of those rowing machines which are difficult to find a harsh word about. There are occasional remarks concerning the seat not being padded thickly enough, but most reviews spend time talking about the affordable low price, easily adjustable seating, and gas shock resistance mechanism, all of which are very highly spoken of.

Stamina 1215

The Stamina 1215 features full motion rowing that enables the user to move their arms; therefore it is more comfortable for them, giving up the rigid requirements many rowing machines places on stroke patterns. The onboard LCD computer features single button controls, and displays most conventional workout data, including session time, speed, strokes, and calories burned.

Stamina rowers reviews brag about the extended warranties available on most rowers, and discuss the adjustable tension controls, they may even brag about the way the seat can be adjusted to fit a wide range of user heights, up to more than six feet tall, but they won't have much to say in the negative, because there just isn't a lot of room for negative criticism.

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