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Concept 2 Rowing Machines Review

Concept 2 makes some of the most innovative and enjoyable rowing machines on the market. They won't require an external power supply because both Model D and Model E have built in generators that are powered by the user during a workout session. This Concept 2 rowing machine review will look at both models, and point out some of the most popular features as well as a couple of points that aren't as well received.

Concept2 Model D

The Concept 2 Model D has a 14' seat height, which is at once a popular design and one that many people find uncomfortable because of low it sits. The steel chain is partially enclosed, and it is engineered to handle a maximum user weight of 500 pounds, which is twice what many rowing machines allow. By default it comes with the Concept2 PM3 computer, which is powered by the act of rowing.

When set up for use, the Model D is going to require quite a bit of room, as it needs an area 9 feet by 4 feet in order to operate efficiently. Even so, it is remarkably light, weighing only 57 pounds, and can be stored into an area that is 25 x 33 x 54.5 (inches).

Concept 2 Model E

One of the biggest differences between the Concept2 Model E and Model D is the onboard computer used. Where the D model uses a simpler computer with basic displays and functions, the Concept 2 Model E is equipped with the PM4 computer, which includes more user data and built in programs. And where the PM3 computer is powered by the user's workout, the PM4 uses a rechargeable battery that is powered by use, allow the computer to function even when the bike is not is use. It requires slightly more storage space than the Model D also, at 27 x 47 x 54.5. And like the Model D, it is built to handle user capacities up to 500 pounds.

Both models are intended to be used as a home rowing machine, which means they are not built to remember multiple users, and aren't engineered to handle the stress of serious consecutive use as fitness center machines often get. They are easily stored into small places, which is a plus for home users who may not have the available space to keep their rowing machine set up all the time.

Exercise rowing machines are a great way to tone up muscle tissue, build stamina and learn heart rate control, and the Concept II is designed expressly to bring this entire home to users who want an expert workout but only have limited space available. And the built-in generator design means you don't have to scout the room for a spot closest to the wall socket, because you will be creating your own electricity as you work out with your Concept 2 rowing machine review.

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