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Reebok I Rower Machine

Reebok is a name that has always been associated with physical fitness both for quality and healthy benefits, and the Reebok I-Rower rowing machine is a very good example of what a company like that can create in the form of fitness machines. Reebok rowing machines are built to be professional athlete tough and durable, but they are also light weight and easy to use, which adds appeal for home users and beginning enthusiasts.

While this is technically an air rower, it also uses magnetic resistance enhancement, adding selectable resistance and automatic upward adjustability as the user becomes accustomed to the workout. Magnetic resistance is proportionate, and that means that as the user builds stamina and strength, the patented flywheel design is able to keep the workout strenuous by gradually increasing the resistance automatically.

Rowing machine fitness is serious business. A cardiovascular workout makes for a stronger heart, stronger lungs, and builds stronger muscles in the bargain. For many, the best part of all is that it provides a complete aerobic workout without impact, a critical factor for many people looking into purchasing fitness equipment.

reebok irower

The 8 levels of M-force (magnetic) resistance on a Reebok air rowing machine are designed to fit every level of athletic ability, from the total beginner to experienced professionals. To help everyone get the best workout program possible, the fitness monitor and included Polar compatible wireless chest strap keep track of the distance covered, how fast the user has gotten there, how many oar strokes have been made, and vital statistics such as the user's pulse rate in real time.

Designed to accommodate users weighing up to 250 pounds, and standing between 4 feet 6 inches and 6 feet 6 inches, the Reebok rowing machine is often used for muscle tone and stamina building, not just among casual users, but also for patients undergoing various forms of physical and recuperative therapy. Because it is a no impact workout, it is well suited for those with frail bones or little operative muscle mass, such as the elderly or people re-learning to use specific muscle groups.

Priced for the home budget, the Reebok I-Rower rowing machine is a fine example of what has made the Reebok company a household name in fitness gear and equipment. It is engineered to provide a full body workout, but can be quickly and easily stored away, and that is a welcome trait for people with little space available for permanent exercise equipment.

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