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Reebok 5 Series Rowing Machine

Reebok is a trusted name in personal fitness and sports and general. They also make fitness equipment, including several models of rowing machine, one of which is rated at the top of the class in rowing machines. The Reebok 5 Series Programmable rowing machine has everything you want in a personal fitness device, and nothing you wouldn't. It even has sleek and appealing silver with black color design that gives it a futuristic look.

Like other Reebok rowing machines, the 5 Series uses magnetic resistance. But the Reebok 5 takes it to a new level, and offers a total of 16 resistance levels, more than you will find from almost any other company, and definitely an innovative design for a home fitness machine. This number of levels is great for people any athletic ability at all, from the total novice to a seasoned professional athlete, and every person in between. It can even handle a maximum user weight of 250 pounds, and heights of up to 6'6', making it perfect for the whole family to use.

The Reebok 5 rowing machine features compatibility with the Polar wireless chest strap, and that means the ability to perform heart rate control exercises, and track your cardio progress, not only throughout the session, but from one workout to the next, helping to focus the areas where more effort is required, and what parts of the program are proceeding nicely.

reebok 5 series

The central rowing action of the Reebok rower gives the user a full body workout. A rowing machine is one of the few types of low- and no-impact fitness machines, providing an invigorating full body workout without jarring or straining. For many home users, especially those recovering from illness or the elderly, no-impact exercise is the only type they can use.

The Reebok Programmable rowing machine features a total of 12 built in programs, providing everything from controlled rowing exercises to targeted programs such as calorie burning or heart rate control, and simulated rowing courses. The Reebok 5 Series Programmable rowing machine is a light weight, foldable indoor rower, and that means it can be stored away when not in use, instead of taking up your precious floor area. You could do much worse for an indoor rower, but you may not be able to find anything better than this magnetic rowing machine.

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