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Reebok 3 Series Motion Rowing Machine

You have no doubt heard of the Reebok fitness company. Were you also aware that they make an excellent line of fitness machines, including elliptical trainers and rowing machines? Take a couple of minutes and find out a little about the Reebok 3 Series Motion magnetic rowing machine, and you will quickly understand why it stands apart, and what drives its popularity in home fitness.

This Reebok rowing machine has a 15 pound flywheel, and operates on a magnetic resistance system. In addition to the session resistance being automatically generated, there are 8 selectable resistance levels to add the ease or difficult you desire from the beginning of the session.

The onboard computer of the Reebok 3 rowing machine includes display functions for calories burned, distance traveled, speed, and heart rate. There are also a number of programs built in to help with specific target goals, including burning a specific number of calories, rowing for a specified period of time, and exerting oneself over a calculated distance. And all of this is powered by replaceable batteries, so you won't have to place your Reebok rower close to an electric outlet.

reebok 3 series

Designed expressly for the home user, the Reebok magnetic rowing machine can handle a maximum height of six feet six inches tall, and a weight limit of 240 pounds. And the rower itself only weighs 84 pounds when it is fully assembled, which means it can be moved around a bit after it has been set up. There are even adjustable levelers on the legs to make the workout not only more comfortable, but safer as well.

Home exercise equipment is often recommended for cardiac patients or those who are forced to undergo physical therapy. Having a quality rowing machine available could mean the difference between a speedy leg recovery, and one that is drawn out for months. Because a rowing machine is a full body workout, it can be used to strengthen and tone all of the body's major muscle groups, and many machine, such as the Reebok 3 Series, have programs built in to help target specific groups and focus the desired results.

If an exercise rowing machine is on your list of things to purchase, read some consumer reviews regarding the Reebok 3 Series Motion magnetic rowing machine. You will find that it is well rated both by owners of the rowing machine and by industry professionals. The benefits are plentiful, and the disadvantages are slim to none.

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