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ProStyle Fitness Rowing Machine

A ProStyle Fitness hydraulic rowing machine is the perfect fitness tool for those who want the most from their exercise routines. It is a Hydraulic rowing machine, and the seat rests on a smooth steel track for flawless motion. Comfort and workout performance are combined in equal measure to provide an effective and exerting physical workout.

Fitness rowing machines come in several different varieties of resistance mechanisms, including air, water, and electromagnetism, but applications where weight and size are a major concern demand the dependable light weight performance of pistons. Hydraulic resistance is provided through piston cylinders which keep the machine's weight low enough for it to be portable, and demand very little space to reduce the bulk of moving it about. And the cylinders contain adjustable beginning resistance levels so that everyone can get an optimum workout.

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For home users, an exercise rowing machine needs to have a small, compact design that is highly portable. When the exercise program is completed for the day, users appreciate a machine that quickly stows away for easy storage, and weighs less than 60 pounds, which can be very good news at the end of a tiring workout. And the ProStyle rower has a large ergonomically contoured seat so that the user is assured of a comfortable session, every time they sit down.

The ProStyle rowing machine also features a multiple function LED display and onboard computer that contains a number of built in programs as well as a wide array of real time session data. Keep track of the distance you would have traveled, how much caloric energy you've burned, and even the speed at which strokes are made, along with other important statistics.

The ProStyle Fitness hydraulic rowing machine is a low cost, high value exercise machine. It has been priced for the home budget, but is built with the engineering and quality materials that make it durable enough for professional applications. And the light weight design even means that athletes can take it with them, or business people can get a regular daily workout even when they are away from home. So you see that the same features that mean home users can stow it away out of sight when space become an issue makes it perfect for people traveling to one location after another as well.

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