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Hydraulic Rowing Machines

In a piston resistance rowing machine, the force of resistance is generated using hydraulic cylinders. Because the cylinders are generally very compact, a hydraulic rowing machine is often an ideal choice where there are space considerations to be made.

Hydraulic rowing machines may very well provide the most strenuous of workouts, as the power of hydraulic compression can be multiplied many times over the force applied. Professional athletes will appreciate the smooth rowing motions, and frugal shoppers will like that a piston resistance rower is going to be one of the most economical types available. Adjusting a piston resistance rower for increased or decreased resistance is as easy as changing a setting, and piston rowing machine often have more resistance settings available than other types.

The Kettler Kadett is one of the industry leaders in piston resistance rowing machines. It is built to be simple for even the most inexperienced user to get results from, but has the features trained athletes look for in quality exercise equipment as well. Kadett is one of Kettler's most popular models.

The Stamina 1205 and Stamina 1215 are both fine piston resistance rowers made under the Stamina brand. With a reputation for affordable price and complete portability, Stamina rowers have become one of the top three manufacturers of rowing machines, and their popularity continues to grow. For a sleek and fully functional indoor rower, Stamina has a model that is perfect for almost anyone.

Stamina has one other piston resistance model that may be of interest for home users, the Body Trac Glider. This machine was specially designed to give home users the same quality of workout they could get in a professional gym setting, designed to be stored quickly and easily when the session is over. This is one of the smallest and most compact rowing machines available in its price range.

When most people think of a rowing machine, a piston rowing machine is what they picture in their minds. This is one of the oldest and most dependable types of indoor rower, and its popularity is not likely to fade away any time soon. Piston rowers have been around for years, and their popularity is based on the fact that they are very dependable, and provide one of the most complete physical workouts available in a single home exercise machine.

Hydraulic Rowing Machines

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