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Motive Fitness RTX8 Air Rowing Machine

The Motive Fitness RTX8 air rowing machine is a single gym style rowing action machine. It uses a patented fan wheel air resistance system to give the optimum automatic resistance to each user, every time. Since resistance and speed are proportionate with exertion, seasoned athletes can benefit from an RTX8 just as well as a novice user.

The Motive Fitness Air rowing machine also features a large single screen that controls 10 separate functions, which is more than most other models on the market. The 10 functions include personal energy usage, the calculated distance traveled, time spent in the session, strokes per minute, and much more information to help with a better workout.

A fitness rowing machine that is speed proportionate is a key for seasoned athletes. But having a high resistance extra strong return chord and patented step less Tension Control with tension band resistance is important to everyone, even those who know little or nothing about rowing machine or even physical fitness.

motive fitness rtx8

Exercise rowing machines are best when the user's comfort is taken into consideration during the initial design stage. For instance, anatomically contoured seats helps reduce lower back strain, and fixed angle, over size foot plates with adjustable full shoe Velcro straps help keep the feet in place without concentrating on doing so. And the foam padded hand grips mean a more comfortable workout, which in turn means that the user will be more likely to return to the rowing machine again and again.

The Motive Fitness rower includes some programs that are meant to achieve specific purposes, also. Workouts such as the included expected time training programs and other training programs help the user not only improve, but gauge the amount of improvement over consecutive workouts using the same program. And don't forget the heart rate control programs which are perfect for building stamina, and promoting a better cardiovascular health.

In commercial fitness gyms the RTX8 is a very popular device, but it is quickly becoming just as popular with home users, who may not need the durability to handle rough and continuous use, but will appreciate the sturdiness implied by such a design. Whether they are just starting out or exercising regularly for years, the Motive Fitness RTX8 air rowing machine is an excellent choice for a fitness machine that gives you a full body workout.

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