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Magnetic Rowing Machines

The newest type of rowing machine is the magnetic rowing machine. The way it works is really quite simple, and yet it is a very popular mechanism. As the user exerts more force to pedal faster and harder, they are generating current through powerful electromagnets, and the result is increased resistance in direct proportion to the force being applied.

Magnetic rowing machines are easier to store away than a water rower, but they tend to be a bit more bulky than piston or air rowers. This is because the flywheel can be difficult to move around, and it cannot be folded or packed to reduce space usage. If operational space is a major consideration, magnetic resistance rowers may not be the best choice, but if there is plenty of room available, most consumer reviews agree that you can't get a better workout from a rowing machine than what is available with magnetic resistance.

The York Fitness MagAir 3000 is a hybrid rowing machine, incorporating the best aspects of both air resistance and magnetic resistance. The result of this combination is a smoother pull stroke, and better response to increased exertion. At lower speeds the air resistance mechanism does a superb job, and at higher speeds magnetic resistance builds until it is the primary force being used.

Another popular indoor rower is the Carl Lewis rowing machine. It features trustworthy variable magnetic resistance, with 8 distinct resistance levels selectable through the onboard computer. The display also provides accurate biofeedback information and many important session details, such as distance traveled, calories burned, and time spent in the session. The aluminum seat rail is light enough to be easily moved or stored, and yet durable to handle even the most grueling of training program.

For professional athletes, a magnetic rower is often the best choice, because it is quieter than other types, and is much better able to provide consistent resistance levels. They are also quite popular with novice users, and have become one of the most sought after home exercise solutions for thousands of people.

Magnetic rowing machines may be the newest type of rowing machine, but they have already claimed a place as one of the most preferred types to use, both for the casual home user, and for professional athletes sticking to a strict exercise routine.

Magnetic Rowing Machines

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