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LifeSpan RW1000 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Owners of the LifeSpan RW1000 rowing machine brag about the way it can be easily folded and stored in an area that measures only 34 inches x 19 inches x 64 inches, using built in wheels and owing to its incredible 80 pound weight, a weight includes the 16.5 pound flywheel. Small, light, sturdy, durable, and easy to use are all marks of quality fitness machine, and all available with a LifeSpan rowing machine.

The LifeSpan RW1000 features a magnetic resistance system, often considered the best type of resistance because it is able to provide proportionate resistance no matter how much force the user supplies. Magnetic resistance also allows the user to preset the starting tension level using any one of the 8 selectable resistance settings. This means that a seasoned professional can get the same great workout as a complete beginner, by simply setting the appropriate tension control.

Magnetic rowers are popular in part because they are so easy to use, and the same thing holds true with a Lifespan indoor rower. Set it up, turn it on, have a seat, and you are on your way to an excellent cardiovascular workout that is both low impact, and aerobic in nature. And you won't just be flexing your biceps, either, because a fitness rower provides a full body workout that exercises all major muscle groups. And the patented Eddy Current Drive system used in this model is smooth and dependable, preventing the user from 'over-paddling' the machine.

lifespan rw1000

Whether it is to lose a few pounds, or to recover from a debilitating accident or illness, a home rower is one of the most widely recommended forms of fitness machine. Personal trainers report a marked improvement in stamina and overall muscle tone with people who use an indoor rower regularly, and rehabilitative centers and physical therapy clinics suggest indoor rowers like the LifeSpan RW1000 Rowing Machine as a healthy way to regain muscle tone. Because of their low impact nature, rowing machines are often used where muscle and bones tress has to be avoided, such as centers for aging and geriatric care.

Built into the LifeSpan RW1000 rowing machine is a powerful fitness monitor that is able to keep up with most essential session information such as time, distance, stroke speed, and more. This data is often used by athletes in training and physical therapy technicians to help the user maximize their workout pattern, or to identify areas where too much exertion may be causing discomfort.

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