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It only takes a few minutes of looking through consumer reviews before it becomes apparent that the Lifecore rowing machine is one of the most popular, feature packed indoor rowers available today. It features ergonomically designed handles for a better grip, and the R100 even has an extra large seat to accommodate a wider range of body types and physical restrictions. And Lifecore rowing machines are available with one of two warranties, one for residential owners, and the other for commercial applications.

The Lifecore R100 uses magnetic resistance, which many people consider the smoothest and most natural resitance mechanism for rowing machines. To back this up, the R100 features 16 levels of magnetic resistance, which is enough variation to suit the beginning rower just as well as an experienced athlete. Other features of the R100 include 15 preset workout programs, a large LCD display with blue backlighting, and the ability to store data for up to four different users.

The Lifecore R900 is not quite as advanced as the R100, but it still has everything the avid exercise buff could want in an indoor rower. There are 8 selectable levels of magnetic resistance, and a total of 12 preset exercise programs. It features an extra quiet belt drive to prevent distractions, an easy to read computer display, and the oversized padded seat. For many, the most appealing feature is the Polar-compatible heart rate control program which provides a thorough cardiovascular workout.

Lifecore Fitness rowers are great for a full body workout. From the lower legs to the neck and shoulders, for abdominal toning and conditioning the lower back, very few indoor rowing machines offer the same quality or complete workout retinue.

Lifecore fitness rowers are very well respected, but the quality built into every model does come at a price. To get a rowing machine with so many benefits and extra features, you might expect to pay as much as double to cost of a more generalized rower, but most consumer reports indicate that it is money well invested.

Before purchasing a Lifecore rowing machine, take the time to become familiar with the different models, and what each one is designed to accomplish. Read through some consumer reviews, check out the rowing machine ratings, and look at the features of your favorite models in side by side comparisons that illustrate each model's best attributes, and point out its weaknesses.

LifeCore Rowing Machines

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