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Lifecore R99 Rowing Machine

The LifeCore Fitness R99 is built to handle the whole family, with the ability to store data for up to 4 users and sleek design that is meant to be accessible to a wide range of body types and weights. The LifeCore R99 is like bringing professional gym equipment straight into your home, with more features and functions than almost any other rowing machine available.

The LifeCore rowing machine features a large blue backlit computer display that includes 12 preset programs. Among these are 4 Polar compatible heart rate control programs, pacer and watts dependent programs and the aforementioned ability to save data for up to a total of 4 users. Plus there are the conventional display readouts for time, speed, watts/calories burned, and stroke/rate averages.

These fitness rowers have a solid steel flywheel that doubles as the fan, and have an adjustable vent to direct cooling air being generated to where it will do the most good. And because it is a magnetic resistance mechanism, the difficulty can be user selected from 16 different resistance levels so that even an experienced athlete will get the same quality of use as a first time user. No matter why a person takes a seat on a LifeCore rower, from fun to physical therapy, they know that they'll get the optimum workout for their needs.

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An exercise rowing machine is a great way to get in shape, train for an athletic event, or just lose a few unwanted pounds. The LifeCore rower is one of the most popular of all brands and models, owing to its advanced features and appealing design, not to mention the fact that it can be stored away in a space that isn't much larger than the average suitcase. It is really quite surprising that a rowing machine as packed with innovation and features as this one is still light enough to be portable, and built to take up a compact amount of space when stored.

The LifeCore Fitness R99 is designed to meet one of the widest ranges of users, also. It can accommodate people well over six feet tall, and is built for a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The ergonomically designed seat and handles increase the comfort of using it, too, and that helps keep people coming back again and again.

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