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Lifecore R900 Rowing Machine

LifeCore is a recognized leader in the fitness equipment industry. In rowing machines alone, they have a number of popular models, perhaps most notably the Lifecore R900. This model uses a patented form of magnetic resistance that is capable of generating up to 350 watts of resistance. And to be suitable for all level of athletic experience, there are 8 levels of resistance that can be selected by the individual user.

A LifeCore rower uses an ultra quiet belt drive, and features a smooth motion track seat that gives the user a feeling of gliding along. And because user discomfort is the leading reason people stop using fitness equipment, the ergonomic design even extends as far as angled heel supports to reduce joint fatigue. The idea is that if the rowing machine is comfortable to sit on and use, the individuals will be more likely to stick to a vigorous exercise program, and that means additional benefits for the user, completing the cycle.

lifecore r900

The onboard fitness computer for the LifeCore rowing machine is pretty impressive, as well. It starts off by being Polar compatible, and that means you can use the optional wireless chest strap to monitor heart rate, and perform Heart Rate Control programs. And speaking of programs, the R900 has a total of 12 preset programs, including programs for peak performance, Heart Rate Control, and Interval Training. There is even a user defined program that lets each individual get the exact type and resistance level they want.

Designed expressly for the home user, the LifeCore Fitness R900 is both fully featured and compact. For those who have limited exercise space available, the LifeCore Fitness rowing machine folds for easy storage, and has added mobility through the use of mounted transportation wheels. It is also treated with a scratch resistant coating to keep it looking new for a longer period.

Exercise rowers come in a wide range of resistance types, levels of portability, and computer functionality. The LifeCore R900 is median priced fitness machine, and has attempted to provide the best features into a design that is both affordable and compact. The onboard computer is more powerful than you will find on most rowing machines in this price range, and many people report that the interactive programs built into it play a big part in keeping them coming back for session after session.

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