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Lifecore R88 Rowing Machine

If you want the best of both worlds, an affordable fitness machine and all of the benefits of a top of the line model, take a look at the Lifecore Fitness R88. It uses a hybrid air and magnetic resistance system, has a number built in fitness programs, and is engineered to handle a wide variety of usage loads and body heights. You can probably get another rowing machine with all of the features of the Lifecore R88 rowing machine, but not at the same price. No other rowing machine offers such a high degree of quality at a price almost anyone will appreciate.

LifeCore rowing machines feature a large easy to read LCD computer display. Session data is available, including speed and pulse rate, and there are built in programs that help get the most benefit from every session, including heart rate control programs using the optional Polar compatible wireless chest strap, and a variety of race programs. For calculated progress, use the pacer and watts dependent programs to push your physical limits.

The LifeCore indoor rowing machine, as mentioned, is a hybrid air/magnetic resistance system. The air resistance part turns user energy into a cooling breeze that is delivered via an adjustable air vent, and the magnetic part includes 8 selectable levels of starting resistance, so that every user will be able to get a workout the first time, from the beginner to people who have worked out daily for years.

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An exercise rowing machine is a low impact, sometimes called no-impact form of exercise that doesn't involve jarring motions such as you would get from jogging, running, skiing, and many other forms of physical activity. Not only is this good news for older users, but it is also beneficial to people with lower back problems, as it minimizes the danger of aggravating the injury. Your daily exercise pattern should be helpful, not painful, and rowing machines are great for the benefit without back strain.

The Lifecore Fitness R88 brings all of the functionality and performance of a club-style rowing machine home. It is both sleek and stylish, and priced to fit as nicely into most budgets as it will into almost any room. If you have been looking for the finest quality rowing machine at the lowest price, a LifeCore R88 is definitely a machine you given a second look at.

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