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Lifecore R100 Rowing Machine

The LifeCore Fitness R100 is a well engineered fitness machine. In addition to its many mechanical innovations, it also sports an onboard computer that packs a lot of power into a small space. The large blue backlit display screen, 6 levels of resistance selectable by the user, and 4 wireless Polar compatible heart rate control programs make using a LifeCore machine both enjoyable and beneficial.

To fully appreciate the LifeCore rowing machine, you probably need to understand that built in computer a little more. It has 15 preset programs that give the user plenty of exercise options, from a lower body workout to a thorough aerobic routine. And since the computer is able to store data for up to 4 different users, it's easy for the whole family to get the most beneficial cardiovascular workout possible.

lifecore r100

The LifeCore R100 is built for comfort, too. It has a large ergonomic seat that can handle an amazing 600 pounds of user capacity, double the maximum limit of even the largest rowing machines made by other companies. And since the resistance mechanism is air resistance, the user's energy is converted in a cooling breeze as it passes through the adjustable cooling air vent, for maximum comfort even during the most strenuous of workout programs.

Another feature of the LifeCore rower is the silent drive system. The solid steel fan and flywheel make it extremely stable, even during the heaviest usage, and the silent drive system means that the user is not constantly annoyed by machine noises. It may not be exactly the same as rowing on water, but it is a lot more pleasant than old fashioned rowing machines ever were.

The best fitness rowing machines, such as the LifeCore R100, feature ergonomic designs that make them more comfortable and appealing to the home or commercial user. Using ergonomic handle grips and seat design increases the comfort of the user, and that makes them more likely to continue using the equipment for a longer period of time. And ergonomic designs help reducing muscle fatigue and lower back strain, so the user can concentrate on getting a more effective workout program instead of trying to find a comfortable position to work from.

LifeCore Fitness R100 is packed with appealing features. It is made using quality materials, and the onboard computer includes everything novices and professionals alike, look for in fitness machines, and it's all packed into a size that is easily stored when space considerations are an important factor.

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