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Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine

Kettler, a German company that specializes in all forms of exercise equipment, especially quality built exercise bikes and rowing equipment. They have several leading models of rowing machines, including the Kettler Coach LS and the Kadett rowing machines; the former designed more for commercial applications, and the Kadett being intended as home use equipment of the finest quality possible.

The Kadett rower is equipped with a basic training computer that tracks vital session data such as elapsed time, strokes per minute, and even the speed and distance traveled. For those who are trying to lose a little weight, the display for calories burned during the workout offer an immediate idea of how much help the rowing is offering you.

The Kettler Kadett outrigger style rowing machine allows professional rower to get the feel of a real boat, and offers a greater degree of flexibility in the user's movements than conventional style rowing machines. Because how the workout feels to the user plays such a large part in whether they will continue to use the device, Kettler has put a great deal of research into developing a machine that is both comfortable and professionally functional.

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Also, the Kettler Kadett outrigger style rower has a very wide range of user selectable resistance settings. As the user becomes acclimated to a particular resistance level, it only takes a moment to switch to the next higher one, and there are 12 in all, so that's a long time that a single user can continue constantly improving.

The onboard computer for this rowing machines features the same type of data as you would find on most rowing machines, but the Kadett also features programs to calculate distance traveled and stroke speed, as well as both audio and visual signals. There is even a heart rate monitor, and that means a more accurate workout from the cardiovascular point of view.

Kettler Kadett rowing machines are built for home use, and meant to fit a large assortment of body sizes and styles, people as tall as six feet six inches will find it comfortable to use, and it has been rated for a user weight capacity of 250 pounds. Kettler has long been a leader in physical fitness machines, and this is simply more example of why they are among the very best.

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