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Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

The Kettler Favorit is manufactured by Germany's premiere fitness machine manufacturer, and sports all of the engineering and design features you might expect from such a distinguished company. It uses a hydraulic cylinder resistance system, which means it is light weight, at only around 50 pounds. For those who have limited space available, the Kettler Favorit stores away quickly and easily in a space about the size of a rack of TV trays.

Kettler Favorit rowing machines have a fitness monitor that keeps track of the speed , distance, time, and energy used during a workout sessions, and includes user definable goal objectives for speed or distance that allow the user to practice against recognized objectives. It will even keep a running count of the user's oar strokes, and provide both audio and visual signals for task completion.

And even though it is a light weight device, the Kettler rowing machine is built to handle even the largest people. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 250 pounds, and can comfortably seat persons up to 6.5 feet tall. As a home fitness machine, this makes it perfect, because it will conform to the needs of the whole family, allowing everyone to get a healthy cardiovascular workout.

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As a low impact fitness machine, the Favorit rower provides a total body workout without creating stress and strain points. And the workout is such a good cardiovascular strengthening program that many heart and rehabilitative centers recommend a working machine as a helpful tool on the road to recovery.

The Favorit from Kettler is one of three very popular rowing machines available from the company. The other two leading sellers are the Kettler Coach, and Kettler Kadett rowers, each designed for a slightly different usage. The Favorit is the all around best model, as it has all of the most popular features of other rowing machines, delivered at a price that is friendly with most household budgets.

Take a closer look at the Kettler Favorit, and you will be able to see the fine German craftsmanship and understand the effectiveness of a hydraulic resistance system. Find out how the ergonomic seat means more time spent on the machine, and why the onboard computer is such a helpful tool to have. Fitness rowers are a favorite among home users and often recommended by fitness and health professionals as an ideal recovery tool. Kettler rowing machines offer everything you might want in a fitness rower, and provide a level of quality that only comes from fine European engineering.

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