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Kettler Ergo Coach LS Rowing Machine

Kettler is perhaps the best known name in professional fitness equipment, and the Kettler Ergo Coach is an excellent example of why this is so. Weighing in at a mere 98 pounds, the Ergo Coach is perfect for home users who want all of the functionality of commercial equipment, and delivers a workout that is automatically customized to fit the exercise level of every user, regardless of experience or skill.

Kettler rowing machines are also known for their innovative features, like the 500 watts of maximum resistance available with the Kettler Ergo Coach LS. It has heart rate control programs built in to help get the most benefit from every workout session, and the display includes readouts for time used in the session, strokes made by the user, watts generated/calories burned, and much more.

kettler ergo coach

And because a fitness rowing machine is not going to help unless a person can use it, the Ergo Coach is made to handle a maximum user weight of 280 pounds. The feel of the workout is kept smooth and stable using a roller seat mounted on ball bearings, so that every pull glides along as though the user were actually rowing across the surface of a lake. Of course, you can't watch a movie on the wide screen TV when rowing on a lake, and there are no severe weather patterns blowing through the average fitness room.

A rowing exercise machine is a good way to get a cardiovascular workout and build up muscle tone at the same time. And the 500 watts of resistance means that no matter the skill level of the user may be, the workout is going to be smooth and invigorating. Where many company measure the output of the user in calories burned, Kettler uses watts generated instead, giving the user a mark that can be judged against energy used in other devices to get an idea of what kind of output a human body is capable of.

The Kettler Ergo Coach LS is built to handle the usage patterns of experienced athletes and novice fitness buffs alike. It is built with all of the durability you would expect to see in a commercial setting, but compact enough for the home fitness room, and priced to fit all but the most restricted of budgets. It would be possible to spend a lot more on a rowing machine, but no amount of money would be able to out-perform the style and engineering this fitness equipment.

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