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Kettler Coach LS Rowing Machine

Whether you have only read a few rowing machines, or have checked out all of them you could find, one company you've seen listed consistently is the Kettler Coach LS rowing machine. It could be the most advanced home rowing machine on the market, and weighs only 92 pounds, ideal for easy movement from one location to another.

Like other Kettler rowing machines, the Coach model incorporates German engineering with the latest scientific advances in physical fitness. From the pivoting foot plates with Velcro straps, to friction free resistance provided through adjustable magnetic resistance, all of the best features from any indoor rower can be found here. But it is not a surprise, coming from a company like Kettler with a long history of building quality fitness equipment such as rowers and fitness bikes.

kettler coach ls

Magnetic rowing machines tend to extremely quiet. Since there are no rubbing parts used to slow it down, only magnetic force, there's nothing to generate high levels of noise, just the sound of your body working off pounds and toning up muscles. The drawback of magnetic resistance is that it requires a flywheel for efficient operation, but the primary benefit is a seemingly endless variety of resistance available, determined with both adjustable settings and the force applied by each user, making it as close to automatically customizable as it is possible to get.

And not only is it an indoor rower, but the Coach LS is also capable of a total of 18 other workouts besides rowing. Use it for toning the upper body, lower body, or for a full body workout. Focus on heart rate control, or take advantage of the pulse recovery program to keep your body operating at maximum efficiency. Where many rowers promise a full body workout and then all provide a partial one, this unit is specially designed to allow a wide variety of exercises, so that you indeed get a full body workout, just as the company promises.

The Kettler Coach LS features an onboard fitness monitor with a large digital display that is easy to read. It can keep track of your time spent in the session; energy expended, and the number of strokes involved, among many other points of interest. And if you have a problem the computer is covered with a 3 year warranty, which covers both parts and electronics.

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