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For the most economical rowing machines, quite a few consumer reviews point out that the Integrity rowing machine is a good deal for the cost. Integrity rowers are made in China, which partially accounts for the competitive pricing. Priced cheaper than many other leading brands of indoor rower, Integrity machines are intended to bring the robust exercise programs of rowing machines home to the amateur user, giving them the whole body fitness workout that most people thought was only available by spending two or three times as much on equipment.

Integrity rowing machines work using air resistance, just as many other rowing machines. The befit of air resistance is the ability to more accurately adjust the resistance levels to get the most invigorating workout, yet still remain a smooth rowing and stable machine. Of the four primary types of resistance mechanisms, air, water, magnetic, or piston, air resistance is the most popular among people who use exercise machines regularly.

integrity 3000

The Integrity 3000 rower is one of the most lightweight of all rowing machines, weighing in at only 51 pounds. This makes it perfect for quick and easy storage, and makes it possible for exercise enthusiasts on the go to take their favorite piece of equipment along with them. The drawback of such a lightweight model is that it is not very well suited for people who weigh more than 250 pound themselves.

One particular consumer review remarked that the Integrity rowing exercise machine is one of the best constructed brands on the market, with a smooth gliding seat, and the T-shaped handlebar on the Integrity 3000 is easy to grip and provides a consistently smooth response to pressure. Being comfortable while working out is important, not just to get a proper workout, but in order to make the person keep coming back and again. Using an indoor rower that is awkward or uncomfortable, many users won't return for a second session.

In comparisons with higher priced models such as Kettler or Tunturi rowing machines, the Integrity rowing machine stands up well. It may not be as fully featured as some Kettler models, but it provides all of the style and performance of even the most expensive rowing machines. For what they cost, these fitness rowers are often the best choice for the money, and for a portable full-featured indoor rower, nothing else even comes close.

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