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Horizon Fitness Oxford II CS Rowing Machine

If Concept 2 is the mark by which standards are set, then the Horizon Fitness Oxford II CS Rowing Machine is the standard against which value is determined. Both uses patented version of air resistance, and both offer every user a no impact, full body workout, but the Horizon Fitness Oxford II rower is engineered to fit well into your family's lifestyle and budget, where the concept 2 may not be within reach of many.

The typical fitness rowing machine, including the Oxford II CS, uses an onboard fitness monitor to provide an invigorating, timed workout, but it is also used to keep track of session data such as speed, time elapsed, and calories burned, as well being a key part of a heart rate control program which uses the optional Polar compatible wireless chest strap to keep real time statistics on the user's heart rate. For cardio recovery programs, this alone is worth its price in gold, as it makes setting stress goals easier to do, and makes arriving at those goals tangible enough for even a beginning user.

For the home user, an exercise rowing machine might mean nothing more than turning a little waist waste into a leaner, fitter you, or it could be a matter of rehabilitative health, used to recover from some debilitating illness or traumatic accident. But a home rower may just be a fun way to stay in shape, without any goals or starting requirements. For all of these, the Horizon Fitness Oxford II CS is built to give a 100% return on every minute you spend engrossed in a cardiovascular workout.

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Air rowing machines are often popular because they provide a realistic, cooling bit of airflow, allowing the rider to not only stay cooler during the workout, but to feel the force of the wind against their face as they push themselves to beat old goals, and set new records. Air resistance is good for that, because it keep[s the resistance in a proportionate balance with the athletic ability of the user, increasing the pace as the user becomes more comfortable with the workout, or slowing things down a bit on days that just don't have the gusto.

You won't need to position the Horizon air rower near a power outlet, either. It uses 2 AA batteries to power the console, and nothing else is required. Set it up wherever you feel it will get the most use, plug in some fresh batteries, and get ready to find out why a fitness rower is considered by clinics and personal trainers to be the ideal tool for getting into better physical shape. You can pay more for a rowing machine, but you probably can't get a better value than with the Horizon Fitness Oxford II CS rowing machine.

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