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First Degree S350 Rowing Machine

One of the best and most popular types of rowing machines is those that operate using water resistance, such as the First Degree S350 rowing machine. Most people who prefer water resistance report that no other type of resistance mechanism, whether it be air, electromagnetic, or hydraulic piston cylinders, offer the same feel and realism as water resistance.

And the First Degree Water rowing machine uses only the best engineering and materials, featuring Japanese or German bearings. Their patented resistance mechanism and machine design set this product apart as one of the most unique and technologically advanced water rowing machines on the market, and the durability rivals even the most expensive commercial fitness machines.

The First Degree Water rower has a large LCD display which features readouts for several popular session statistics. The user is able to keep track of the time spent in the session, the distance traveled, how many strokes they've made, and many other important factors that can be used to design an optimum workout experience for any user.

Indoor rowing machined are popular with professional athletes because it allows them to continue a strict exercise routine even when the weather conditions outside will not permit actual rowing, biking, or other type of outdoor fitness. And First Degree uses a special patented 'Fluid Technology' that gives their water rowers the feel of actually being on the water. And it is easy to achieve multiple levels of resistance through changing water levels in the tank, so even the most experienced rower can get a complete and healthful workout.

first degree s350

The First Degree rowing machine is built expressly to appeal to home users, but it also includes the kind of features that professional users will like, including expansive adjustability, vital session information, and a light weight compact frame that is ideal in the home or in the gym. A First Degree rowing machine fits equally well in both settings, and is sure to be a pleasure to everyone in the family as they compete in mock races, or race to meet predetermined fitness goals.

And what may be the best news of all, a First Degree S350 rowing machine is very affordably priced, so that it will be an option even for families with limited budgets to work with. Being physically fit should be a prime consideration for everyone, and physical fitness on a budget should not mean that anyone has to settle for second best.

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